PurpleToken is a FREE service that allows you, the game developer, to maintain global online highscore tables without the hassle of managing your own server. Register your game with PurpleToken and let the world see your masterpiece! Not ready to show the world just yet? That's ok, you can make your game private and hide it from our website while still utilizing the highscore system. Gamers will no longer be limited to beating their own highscores and can now challenge themselves against others in your app worldwide.

Now, developers can focus more time to their creations and less time worrying about building a backend infrastructure and managing a database because PurpleToken does it all for you! With up to 4 separate highscore tables per game with each one automatically keeping track of the top 20 scores, you'll have a global dynamic highscore table for all your games.

Because PurpleToken relies on HTTPS requests, this service is suitable for any language that supports a web connection with SSL. No 3rd party libraries to worry about installing. It takes only 3 easy steps to start using the PurpleToken service.

  1. Register a PurpleToken account
  2. Add your game to your account
  3. Generate a game key
Once you've done that, you're ready to begin using our REST API. It's that easy!