PurpleToken is a service that allows game developers to maintain global online highscore tables. While the website itself allows you to publish details about your game and get it noticed, the service allows you to submit and retrieve scores online from your game app over a secure SSL connection. Players are no longer limited to beating their own highscores and can now challenge themselves with any other player worldwide.

Now, developers can focus more time to their creations and less time worrying about an added database infrustructure because PurpleToken does it all for you! With up to 4 separate highscore tables per game and each table automatically keeping track of the top 20 scores, you'll have a global dynamic highscore table for all your games.

Because PurpleToken relies on HTTPS requests, this service is suitable for any language that supports a web connection with SSL. No 3rd party libraries to worry about installing, just register for a PurpleToken account, add your game, and you're all ready to go! It's that easy!