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Tapmanic - Test your speed and accuracy with this manic tapping game! Tap the Green button as fast as you can and avoid tapping other coloured squares which will reduce your score multiplier. 6 Game modes of increasing difficulty including Random , Pattern , Endurance and Manic mode! RANDOM - Tap the green square as fast as you can on a 3x3 grid RANDOM+ - More squares and changing colours to add to difficulty and a 4x4 grid PATTERN - Tap all green buttons in the pattern on a 3x3 grid PATTERN+ - Tap the patterns on a 4x4 grid ENDURANCE - Each tap increases your time and the amount of time given decreases as the game goes on. MANIC - Tapping incorrectly will end the game! 100% accuracy is a must for a high score. Every 10 squares will present a pattern which will increase your time when completed.

Built with AGK